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Bankruptcy Lawyer and Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Putnam County

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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Putnam County

In 2017, there were 7,929 bankruptcy cases commenced in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, including 7,083 cases filed by non-businesses. That’s an average of 661 bankruptcy cases filed, on average, every month. Most of these cases (5,359) were filed under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

As these numbers show, you are not alone if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. It’s a situation that happens to many of us, and often due to circumstances that are simply beyond our control.

If you are a resident of Putnam County or have most of your assets in the county, then your bankruptcy case would be handled by the Southern District of New York’s Poughkeepsie Courthouse. This court is part of the federal court system, which exclusively handles bankruptcy cases.

Man worried of filing bankrupt.The Poughkeepsie Court also handles cases from nearby Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties. These cases include Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

The Courthouse is located at 355 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601. To get there by car from Putnam County, you would likely take Interstate 84 West, merge onto U.S. 9 North and take the Academy Street exit. You would then make a right on Main Street in downtown Poughkeepsie.

The Courthouse is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you need more information, call (845) 452-4200.

Notice of foreclosureSince 1983, consumer bankruptcy lawyer Michael H. Schwartz has been licensed to practice in the Southern District of New York. He has successfully steered thousands of clients through the bankruptcy process, including clients from Putnam County and surrounding communities, and he can do the same for you. Mr. Schwartz also assists homeowners in foreclosure defense and mortgage modification matters.

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Our Law Firm in  Putnam County

Although a downturn in the economy has led to high unemployment rates in New York State and throughout most of the country, Putnam County has maintained a relatively low rate of joblessness. In fact, according to the New York State Department of Labor Statistics, Putnam County had an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent in October 2017 – less than the state’s overall unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.

The mostly rural county is located roughly 50 miles north of New York City and features a collection of small towns and quaint villages, including Carmel (the county seat), Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, Southeast and Putnam Valley. Roughly 100,000 people call Putnam County home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Housing costs are relatively high in Putnam County, according to the Census. The median value of owner-occupied homes was nearly $355,000 in 2016, and the median monthly housing costs, including mortgage payments, totaled just over $2,700. Median rent registered at just over $1,300.

The biggest employers in the county include Putnam Hospital Center, Watson Laboratories Inc., A&P (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.) and PARC (Putnam Associated Resource Center). The U.S. Census reports that 67.3 percent of county residents age 16 and older were in the civilian workforce in 2016.

The Census reports that 20,773 people were employed in Putnam County in 2015. That year, the county was home to 2,872 total “employment establishments.”

Although Putnam County’s median household income was $97,606 in 2016, 6 percent of county residents lived below the poverty line.

The Putnam County Visitors Bureau touts the county as “Where the Country Begins,” a slogan that highlights the locale’s relatively rural nature in comparison to New York City and its suburbs that lie farther south on the Hudson River.

“Putnam County has something for everyone. Rolling Hills, lush green meadows, sparkling lakes, reservoirs and ponds offer the visitor year round activities,” according to the visitors bureau.

Legal Help With Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense in Putnam County

The law office of Michael H. Schwartz, P.C., assists residents of Putnam County with matters such as:

  • Consumer Bankruptcy, including Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
  • Commercial Bankruptcy, including Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 11
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Mortgage Loan Modifications

Michael H. Schwartz has never had a bankruptcy discharge denied, and he has never lost a house in foreclosure. Mr. Schwartz has extensive experience with handling bankruptcy , insolvency, and foreclosure defense cases. In fact, he has filed over 5,000 cases on behalf of clients during his career. The firm regularly files 200 or more bankruptcy cases during a typical year.

Mortgage house application form with calculator.Simply put, the law office of Michael H. Schwartz, P.C., has helped thousands of families – including many in Putnam County – secure a better financial future. His objective is to help people preserve their homes, their possessions, their jobs, their families, and their dignity.

“Getting you back on track, one step at a time.” That’s the mission statement at the law office of Michael H. Schwartz, P.C. Mr. Schwartz understands how to handle every aspect of bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and other debtor-creditor matters.

Mr. Schwartz’s efforts have earned him numerous honors, including recognition as the Top-Rated Bankruptcy Lawyer by New York Magazine for five consecutive years. The prestigious Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory has given him an AV rating, and Avvo has given him a rating of 10.0 Superb.

Mr. Schwartz has also received countless endorsements from past clients and fellow attorneys. In fact, his colleagues have called him “the best bankruptcy lawyer there is,” “The King of bankruptcy,” “the Master,” and “one of the brightest lawyers around,” among many other superlatives.

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Run – don’t walk – to the law office of Michael H. Schwartz, P.C., which was recently recognized in a list of “The New York Area’s Top-Rated Lawyers” in New York Magazine.

For more than 40 years, consumer bankruptcy lawyer Michael H. Schwartz has helped thousands of clients from Putnam County and surrounding areas to get a new financial life. And he did it all without losing any property his clients did not want to give up or having a single bankruptcy discharge denied.

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