Deficiency Judgments After Foreclosure in New York

by Michael H. Schwartz
Foreclosure concept with toy house and lawyer with gavel.

If you fall behind on your mortgage payments, and the bank or servicer or other lending institution threatens to foreclose on your home, you should contact attorney Michael H. Schwartz as soon as possible. In his 40 years as a bankruptcy lawyer in New York, he has saved countless homes and other real estate to foreclosure and is committed to saving your economic even when all else fails.

IF your home is sold in foreclosure, the lender can obtain a deficiency judgment against you in order to collect the difference between the sale price and the remaining mortgage debt.

Even worse, even if the lender does not come after you for the balance owed, it will still report that balance as income to the Internal Revenue Service, and adding insult to injury, you will be taxed on the difference as if it were income (that you never even received; on top of losing your home).

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How Can You Avoid Foreclosure in the First Place?

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